I am a dentist practicing for more than three decades and I have know forever that something in Crest toothpaste causes canker soars for aprox. 1% of the population and was informed of this by a chemist involved in Crest toothpaste manufacture. (I’m in the 1%).
In recent years I have discovered that Colgate Total causes white patch lesions on oral mucosa for some patients which on biopsy have been negative in my office (including those biopsies in my wife’s mouth).
I personally have suffered for years with what I assumed were allergies from pollen and or other airborne allergens and have for years delt with them taking antihistamine (eg. Benadryl).
My typical day was to go to bed congested, wake up totally uncontested, get congested again driving to work, get better once at work until after lunch (even though I seldom leave the office for lunch), clear up through the afternoon dreading the drive home after work but surprisingly not get congested again until I laid down to go to bed.
I brush my teeth with Colgate Great Regular Flavor Toothpaste before I leave for work in the morning, after lunch and last thing before I go to bed.
I quit using toothpaste three weeks ago, my congestion cleared up within three days and has not returned.
As I often explain to my patients…the physical removal and disruption of plaque is the important part. Toothpaste just makes it taste better.
I don’t think I ever had environmental allergies and you might try brushing without toothpaste if you think you do.
If your allergy symptoms go away…TELL THE WORLD and let me know here at:

Oh No………A “DENTAL POST” by doctorjohn

A young female patient of mine opened my eyes today to a phenomenon that may 

be destroying the teeth of runners and other athletes.

And the culprit is  “GU Pure Performance Energy”

My patient is a marathon and triathlon runner with excellent teeth.

Today I did a filling on one of her “six year molars” and was surprised with the excellent teeth she has and her regular check ups that it was quite deep when it wasn’t even a watch area six months ago.

As usual we began talking about “SUGAR FREQUENCY AND TOOTH DECAY” when she mentioned her use of this sugary product that is used to provide energy while running.

Now, I’m familiar with “carbohydrate loading” but I didn’t know runners were dosing themselves with sugar all during the race…and this will destroy your teeth.

Occupationally; people who work in kitchens sampling food all day, construction workers who sip on sugary drinks while out in the heat and office workers with candy bowls on every desk in the office destroy their teeth too but this was a situation I had not thought about.

That’s probably because I’m a “stair climber” (the most efficient form of exercise) and there is not enough time to worry about carbohydrates while I get my workout in.

And if you runners are laughing try 50 stories a day for a while.

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