I’m learning as I go and appreciate any and all comments.

I have been educating patients for a long time on the things you need to know to save your teeth for a lifetime and I will be doing that for you at this blog  (it’s not just brushing and flossing)

Saving our teeth is important but first we need to save our country and our individual liberty in America.

There are some parallels between Saving Teeth and Saving Liberty in
that many of the things you need to know in both cases are
not…………… “passed in the bloodstream”.

I will be an occational blogger since I still need to make a living.

Please click “FOLLOW” and enter your e-mail so you get notified when I post.

And please get involved even if that only means Passing Information along and asking people within your sphere of influence to check out my blog.

The numbers tell me that most of you will be part of the liberty loving silent majority in America  and we can no longer be silent.

Remember, there are more of us than them.

Doctor John

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am especially in agreement with what you say about not remaining silent. It just isn’t an option for me any longer. I’m not going to stand by and ignore my country being sucked down the drain while liberals institute socialism. And along with socialism they will institute their brand of morality which has nothing to do with the Christianity that I cherish. Ain’t gonna happen!

  2. If not “You” then “WHO”???
    If not “NOW” then “WHEN”???

    Keep up the good posts in Facebook, Jerome.
    I have taken a little break but am getting ready to go full bore through the 204 elections.

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