Our field of Conservative potential candidates for 2016 needs to be narrowed and soon or Jeb Bush will be the RNC candidate.

The Democrats successfully made Obama’s birth certificate the issue in 2008 when it should have been the fact his father was not an American citizen.

They tried to say McCain was not “Natural Born” (as required by the Constitution) but they were wrong since both his parents were citizens even though he was born in Panama.

Republicans Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are (like Obama) not “Natural Born” and therefore not eligible to be President or Vice-President.

They should get together and publicly announce this fact putting a SPOT LIGHT on the error we made with Obama.

This would be very patriotic and respectable and Ted Cruz could still be Attorney General.

With Obama on his way out the Libs will use this truth in 2016 to further muddy the waters for Conservatives.

In fact when Ted Cruz first came on the scene liberal outlets like the Huff Post did mention this but dropped it quickly probably to use it later when it would have a larger impact.

There are a lot of Conservative Candidates who are NATURAL BORN.

And we need to narrow the field soon before Karl Rove and RNC Establishment picks our candidate for us.

I still say the unbeatable candidates for 2016 are Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump. They could mean years of Conservatism in the White House, Repeal of Obama Care, an immediate bolstering of our diminished military and generally getting government back into its CONSTITUTIONAL CAGE


Especially with Cruz and Rubio



Ted Cruz

Marco Rubio