Article V of the Constitution (THE PROCESS HAS BEGUN)

Mark Levin’s recent best-selling book “The Liberty Amendments” has instantly focused national attention on the second Constitutional way to amend the Constitution. 
It’s Article V of the Constitution where our Forefathers provided a means for “We the People” to take back control of government should it become tyrannical.
The Progressives in both Parties have always pushed our country in small ways, incrementally moving us away from the Constitution; slowly yet consistently in ways much like “boiling a frog” if you are familiar with that analogy.
They do it this way so many people, busy with their lives, are unaware as they slowly lose their “Individual Liberty” and our government takes more control over our lives.
Well, President Obama forgot about boiling frogs and is pushing from all directions, always in a hurry to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE AMERICA like he promised.
You; may yourself have experienced loss of Liberty whether it has been the loss of or impending loss of your healthcare, some restriction on the business you are in by the EPA or some other bureaucratic agency full of un-elected people telling you what to do.

This weekend there were commitments from representatives of at least 34 state legislatures to attend a Dec. 7 meeting at George Washington’s home in Mt. Vernon, Va.

The goal was “not to decide on any amendment to be considered, but to put together a structure on how a convention will be run.” Once that structure is in place, the convention would hope to establish a framework for reigning in overspending, overtaxing and over-regulating by the federal government and moving toward a less centralized federal government.

Then contact your “State Legislators” and ask them if they sent representatives to the Mount Vernon meeting.
Contact Info.Here:

One thought on “Article V of the Constitution (THE PROCESS HAS BEGUN)

  1. Before making up your mind you should also go to and read the applications from the states in question. 49 states have submitted 746 applications for a convention call. However, there are some issues about Mr. Levin and others people need to be aware of before deciding to support them, primarily whether or not they want to give up the right to have any say in the amendment process including choice of delegate and agenda. Read for more details.

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