Depressed About…POLITICS ?…”LIGHTEN UP”


“DEPRESSED” About Politics?

Lighten Up………But………”GET INVOLVED”


Over five thousand years ago, Moses said to the children of Israel , “Pick up your shovels, mount your asses and camels, and I will lead you to the Promised Land.”

Nearly 75 years ago, (when Welfare was introduced) Roosevelt said, “Lay down your shovels, sit on your asses, and light up a Camel, this is the Promised Land.”

Today, Congress has stolen your shovel, taxed your asses, raised the price of Camels and mortgaged the Promised Land!

I was so depressed last night thinking about health care plans, the economy, the wars, lost jobs, savings, Social Security, retirement funds, etc…. I called a Suicide Hotline.

I had to press 1 for English.

I was connected to a call center in Pakistan. I told them I was suicidal.

They got excited and asked if I could drive a truck!

Folks we’re skrewed !!!


A dear friend sent this to me today and the sad thing is it is all true.

Our Constitution kept government in it’s Cage for a long time but we are losing that battle.

Man is evil and historically governments tend to get more powerful to the detriment of their citizens who become subjects.

It’s not too late to turn this around but we need to get started and in large numbers.

Much of this information is………”not passed in the bloodstream”.


Hillsdale College is a good place to get EDUCATED.

And an easier way to get EDUCATED might be to start tapping into the vast knowledge and patriotic resource that is…Mark Levin’s Show @


GO TO:  

WHAT HAPPENED TO AMERICA? (A Vicious Self-perpetuating Cycle)

2 thoughts on “Depressed About…POLITICS ?…”LIGHTEN UP”

  1. Let’s just hope that people will wak up and figure out the country in being controlled by people who don’t have the country best interest at heart. Proven by the fact people are voting to take other peoples money and the people paying the bill can’t stop it. All this being done my just the 30-40% of people showing up at that poles. Because the people are at work during voting hours.

  2. I sent the following message to my congressional rep Vickie Hartzler:
    Regarding sequester:
    If you want to stop the Democrats dead in their tracks, announce the Republicans are willing to restore military spending, and leave 2013 spending at 2012 levels. Just sit back and watch them squirm.
    Tom Atkins

    The Republicans in Washington have no cohesive message and seem powerless against the Democrat machine. This sequester thing should be a godsend to Republicans, but they can’t seem to speak like the rest of us.

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