It all comes down to whether you want Big Government making most of the decisions in your life or whether you want the Liberty to make decisions for yourself.

America has achieved more in 200 plus years than any other human society has achieved in thousands of years. And it is because individual Americans have been allowed , by our Constitution, to make decisions out of SELF INTEREST.

This, simply put, is what makes America great.

If you are an American; no matter who you are, what color you are, who your parents are or where you or your family came from; you are an American and are free to make of yourself what you wish.

Constitutionally you are limited by nothing but your imagination and your willingness to work hard.

There has been however; a movement in America “Away From The Constitution” and it is called the PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT.

This movement has been going on for most of the last century and is progressively increasing the power of Government at the expense of Personal Liberty.

When President Obama said, “elect me or you are on your own”, he was appealing to the Socialist idea of a government that’s here to take care of you.

And it worked.

Yes, “Big Government” politicians will take care of you but it always comes at the cost of some part of your Individual Liberty and Freedom.

This is why the LEFT (Modern Democrats and some Republicans) in this country always talk about “Social Justice”.

“Social Justice” is the opposite of “Individual Liberty”.

The LEFT always puts people into groups divided by race, ethnicity, age, income level etc. and pits these groups against each other all the while talking about the “Common Good”.

It’s the pretty way to say “Socialism”.

The vast majority of Americans believe all men are equal and the unalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are theirs endowed by our Creator, not granted by any government.

But the sad fact is that most eligible voters in  America don’t vote and too few of those who do understand “What’s Happening to America”.

I feel this is the case because these truths have not been taught and passed on to many of today’s potential voters and this needs to be rectified NOW or as Ronald Reagan said “we may spend our sunset years explaining to our grand children what it was once like in America when men were free.”




REMEMBER………THERE ARE MORE OF US THAN THEM. (We just need to get people educated on the “History of America” and “Economics” so the LEFT can’t fool people anymore)

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AND CHECK OUT:        

WHAT HAPPENED TO AMERICA? (A Vicious Self-perpetuating Cycle)





10 thoughts on “ARE YOU TALKING TO…”ELIGIBLE VOTERS”??? Who Can We Believe ???

  1. Many important things are “not passed in the bloodstream”. That’s a great tag line. I think I like the rolling marquee for the page header image..

  2. Great idea, John! I will bookmark the link & check in frequently. God bless you on this new venture & may God bless America!

  3. I think Obama has been the best thing to happen to America. This cancer called Liberalism has been undetected in our system by many among us for a very long time. More people now see what has been metastasizing and are no longer sitting on the sidelines. I think we can finally discuss treatment, instead of the usual methods of just trying to slow it down while not offending those around us who benefit from the social programs and political correctness that offer coverage to those who want to feel comfortable with their shortcomings.
    For some reason, a majority of people don’t like lobbyists, yet most want their concerns addressed, which up to now could only be accomplished by petitioning government through a lobbyist. Hmmm… Maybe blogs like this can replace lobbyists as a way to let government know what we think.
    Change is definitely coming. Be afraid, and submit, or do something.
    I talked to my son when he was in the 5th grade about his history lesson about the Revolutionary War. I asked him to imagine a scenario: Last night, you were awakened. You heard a noise downstairs, which turned out to be me talking to about 50 of our neighbors. We were talking about our weapons, and how we can go to battle against those who are oppressing us. You would most likely wonder why Dad is talking craziness. You are too young to understand why I am talking about this and putting my family in danger, but this is the reality now and for those who came before us. Those people back then were no different than us. They were not Hollywood figures. .The only difference is they had less of a problem making the difficult decision about how to defend their freedoms. Their fight cost them dearly. Why did they do it? Do you have the stomach to do something?

    Tom Atkins

  4. God Bless you John. I heard you on The Mark Levin Show tonite and had to sign in! I have been a practicing physician hereabouts for over 35 years and have followed politics and us & world history as a hobby [from a Christian viewpoint] almost all that time. I have hated to watch the Constitution being torn asunder most of that same time.
    My thoughts to help fix things:
    1.end ALL foreign aid immediately! 2. get OUT off the UN and throw all the UN boozers OUT of CONUS
    3.Bring all of our troops and dependents home within a year and close all overseas bases.. These 3 things would end the balance of payments deficit over nite.

    4. Close up the US Depts of Education, Energy and HHS within a MONTH 5. INSTITUTE A 5% PER YEAR ACROSS THE BOARD BUDGET CUT ON ALL THE OTHER FEDERAL DEPTS
    6. Put the US $$ back on a hard money system by simply fixing the dollar to any amount of gold you pick and make out a capital crime to try to change the value.
    7. make it a crime for any federal employee to take a trip overseas, except they pay for it out of THEIR FUNDS..including barak hussein osama!
    8. Get out of all treaties with all in hard assets with anyone, treaties with NONE!!

    We can tackle welfare reform in my second month 🙂


    • Good ideas Fred.
      We can’t cut spending or raise taxes enough to even pay the interest on our National Debt so we need to grow the economy.

      Please take the 21 min. to read or view “The Evil Of Income Tax”.

      Ellininating the ability of government to tax income will save America leading to JOBS AND MADE IN AMERICA.


      We have been practicing about the same length of time.

    • Well said Fred. The one thing Americans I think learned from Franklin D Roosevelt, he taught Americans all how to do. “Stand in line and wait for someone to solve your problem”. Proven by the floods in New Orleans and recient changes in our political system. Our political leaders have created a class of people who can’t think and do for themselves. They want to be taken care of Social Security, Welfare, now Healthcare and even education and more “programs” will continue as long as our culture demands to be take care of like children.

  5. I heard you on Mark Levine and stopped by to check out your blog. Are you on Facebook? I could share your posts with my 1694 friends there, most of them very politically active conservatives. Thanks!

    • Alena Hennessy,
      Yes, please pass my posts along to your Conservative (and non-conservative) friends.
      Just click the Facebook Wigget at the end of each post. I always send them to my Facebook crowd.
      And make sure to clicK “FOLLOW” at my “HOME” page and enter your e-mail


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